• Bringing Zen Philosophy into Your Garden Space

    Zen philosophy incorporates the type of harmonious living principles that many of us strive for these days, especially as our daily lives become busier than ever before. Bringing the Zen philosophy into your home, and, specifically, into your garden space, is an effective way to embrace a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Origins of Zen Philosophy [...]

  • All About Tomatoes

    The tomato is a common name for the fruit of the plant species solanum lycopersicum. The plant had its origins in the tropical climates of the southern America. However, they can also grow in controlled green houses in cooler areas of the world. The plants grow in vines, which mean that the stems are weak [...]

  • The Effects of Junk Food on General Health

    Junk food is a term commonly used to describe food of low nutritional value. This food has a high fat, sugar and calorie content as compared to other foods. They also have low protein and vitamins as well as mineral content. Some of the most common junk foods are chewing gums, processed meat, chocolates, candy, [...]

  • Chinese Gardens

    How to Create Your Own Chinese Garden Chinese classical gardens are designed to recreate the natural landscape in miniature. From the extensive gardens enjoyed by Chinese emperors to modest gardens created by Chinese poets and scholars, Chinese gardens have a long history of evolution that extends well over three millennia. Philosophy of the Chinese Garden [...]

  • The Benefits of Olive Oil

    Crushing or pressing olives leads to your getting olive oil. Nevertheless, there are different varieties of olive oils including extra virgin oils, virgin oil, pure oil and extra light oil. The extra virgin oil is considered the best because it is the least processed; it contains the oil extracted from the first pressing. The oil [...]

  • My Drugstore.com Review and Coupon Codes

    Drugstore.com is an online retail company that offers health and beauty products. The online company was launched in 1999 and has its physical headquarters in Bellevue with customer service points located at Halifax. The products at Drugstore.com are suitable for people who need to buy drugs for their ailments or skin care products. DrugStore Coupon [...]

  • ”Herbie” Rice

    The refreshing flavour of the herbs combined with the unique saltiness of the Feta cheese is just indescribable! This recipe is one of my favourites because it’s simple, kind of healthy, very tasty and unusual! Ingredients: (4 servings) – 4 cups rise                           – 2 [...]

  • Dangerous Fruits: Too Much Vegetables and Fruits Can Prove Harmful

    Eating healthy does not always mean eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Although vegetables and fruits are better than refined foods such as chips and cookies, according to research too much vegetables and fruits can prove harmful to an individual’s health. The majority of fruits grown today contain higher quantities of sugar than is necessary [...]

  • My Plow & Hearth Review and Discount Coupons

    Plow & Hearth is a retail company that offers home and lifestyle products to customers. Products can either be ordered online or bought from any one of the company’s many physical stores.  Plow & Hearth was founded several decades ago in 1980 and has since then grown to become a popular brand within the home [...]

  • How to Grow Berries

      If you’re looking for an attractive plant for your home garden, consider the option of berries. One of the benefits of growing berries is that you don’t need to have a lot of space. Berries can be grown in the corner of a garden or even in a container. Berries are also very nutritious. [...]

  • Japanese Gardens

      Applying Japanese Garden Techniques to Your Outdoor Space The first Japanese gardens were inspired by the local landscape where these gardens originated, which was on the Honshu island of Japan. Pristine valleys, jagged volcanic peaks, mountain streams, waterfalls, beaches made of small stones, and an extensive variety of trees and flowers served as inspirational [...]

  • Can Chocolate Help You Aid Weight Control?

      Weight control is one of the challenges that most people encounter at one point or another in their lives. There are very many dangers that an individual face when he or she does not control his or her weight adequately, and some can even be life threatening. Very many people enjoy chocolate yet for [...]

  • English Garden

      When people talk about English Gardens, they are referring to a unique gardening design that sprung up in England during the late 17th and early 18th century. Initially restricted to just a few palaces, the beauty of English Gardens led to their increased popularity beyond the shores of England. Today English garden designs are [...]

  • The Benefits Of Berries

    Berries are some of the most delicious and nutritious foods known to man. They are low in calories and fat, and high in vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants. A cup of strawberries contains over 100 mg of vitamin C, which is equivalent to a cup of orange juice. Vitamin C is important for good overall [...]

  • The Benefits And The Power Of Vitamin C

    Health experts are constantly coming up with new applications for Vitamin C, proving that it is, indeed, one of the most essential vitamins needed to maintain good health. This vitamin serves many functions in the body and helps to prevent degenerative diseases. It acts as a coenzyme in collagen synthesis and also as an essential [...]

  • The Representative Plants of the Tuscan Style Gardens

      From the vibrant colors of the flowers to the elegant layout of the landscape, Tuscan style gardens are loved for many reasons. Adding a Tuscan garden to your home is a great way of capturing the classic beauty of the Italian landscape. If you plan on building a Tuscan garden, a huge part of [...]

  • Vertical Gardens: What you need to know

    Gardens have always been one of the more important additions to a building. Having a garden around the home or work place provides a natural medium for people to relax. The sight of a well-tended garden is not just beautiful but also extremely soothing. Over the years, garden styles have evolved to fit with the [...]

  • Growing Citrus Trees

    If Nature was to vote the perfect fruit, citrus trees would be on the list. Fruits such as oranges, mandarin and grapefruit aren’t just delicious options, they’re incredibly healthy. A single lime provides enough vitamin C to get you through the day. Vitamin C offers a lot of healthy features some of which include 1. [...]

  • Growing Containers

    Gardening is amongst the favorite and popular past-time of many. Most of us, take it as a hobby and some, simply to make our homes’ exterior and even interiors look beautiful. Though plants come in different forms, from flowers, herbs to fruits and vegetables, but to maintain and at the same time, present them, proper [...]

  • New Life for Your Old Wooden Arbors

                Time and weather can take a toll on your wooden arbors.  As the seasons pass, even the best made wooden arbor will begin to show its age, and what was once the pride of the garden will begin to look like a sad waif.  If you have found yourself casting your eyes away from [...]

  • Growing Pots

    The concept of gardening is taken in a different manner by different people. Some consider it as a chore, hard-work and a completing tedious job, whereas, some take it as a hobby, love, passion and enjoy every bit of gardening. For such individuals who love gardening, knowledge of gardening pots and gardening containers is a [...]

  • Enrich Your Wooden Arbors with Extra Details

                While stand-alone wooden arbors can provide a great measure of enjoyment with just one type of plant growing on them, you can make the garden spot where your arbors are located more exciting when you combine climbing plants, fountains, seating, and other useful or decorative items along with the arbors.  Wooden arbors come in [...]

  • The Best Climbing Plants For Wooden Arbors

                Wooden arbors festooned with blooming plants add beauty and style to any garden setting.  Although many plants with a growth pattern based on vines will cover the arbor almost completely, the structure should still be chosen for a fine appearance, as it will act as a backdrop to the planting and will be more [...]

  • Mailbox Post

    With the advent, of the Internet and World Wide Web, e-mails, SMS (Short Messaging Services), social networks, the status updates etc. has almost made the concept of writing letters obsolete. However, mailboxes and its need still remain the same, courtesy bills and other documents that get delivered on a regular basis. There are few sections [...]

  • Plant Your Own Vegetable Garden to Boost Your Overall Health

    Planting your own vegetable garden is one of the most effective things that you can do to improve your health. Vegetables are low in calories yet high in nutrition and fiber. A diet that includes a variety of fresh vegetables will increase the amount of antioxidants in your body, which will help prevent diseases or [...]

  • Electric Grill by Exterior Accents

    Today, time is precious. Life is travelling in a bullet train, and you have no time to make a dish that takes hours to cook. In such situations and circumstances, the real hero is definitely an electric grill. Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor electric grill, you can save a lot of cooking [...]

  • Need Some Help to Plan a Beautiful Garden?

      Explore Inspiring Ideas that Will Make You a Proud Garden Designer The thought of building a garden from scratch or reinventing existing landscape is really exciting. There is practically no one that would not be influenced by the natural beauty of a garden and you would definitely love to have one outside your home. [...]

  • March and April – It’s time to plant your seasonal flowers!

    If you’re looking for a way to give your yard a facelift, consider adding a garden. An outdoor garden will enhance the natural grace and theme of your home, making it more appealing to visitors and friends. You can also add benches or chairs, turning your garden into a communal place for your family.   [...]

  • How to Grow Kitchen Herbs

      In theory, it’s possible to try and cook a meal without using aromatic herbs. It’s possible—but there’s a very good chance that no one will eat your meal or complement you for your cooking skills. Right next to salt, kitchen herbs are probably the most essential ingredient to any well cooked meal. They add [...]

  • How to Choose the Right Garden Fountain

    Thinking of installing a fountain in your garden? You’re not alone. A fountain is still one of the best adornments that a garden can have. It adds to the overall aesthetics, providing a soothing visual and acoustic backdrop to your garden’s scenic beauty. It’s why garden fountains are so popular in most parks and botanical [...]

  • Vinyl Pergolas by Exterior Accents

    Vinyl pergolas have become one of popular products used by homeowners to liven up their outdoor space. Outdoor space, as you are aware, is an extension of your home interior therefore you would like to decorate it with an element that conveys your style and personality. Using high quality vinyl pergolas from Exterior Accent will [...]

  • Garden paths: Why you Need One

    The only thing better than admiring the beauty of a garden from a distance, is actually taking a walk though one. Garden paths make that possible. Adding a path to your garden is a great way of enhancing the beauty of your garden. It’s also an effective way of protecting your garden. With a clearly [...]

  • All About Roses!

    How to get the Perfect Bloom It’s no secret that roses are one of the most celebrated flowers in the world. The beauty, fragrance and color of roses have been the subject of hundreds of poems, stories and romantic proposal. A rose garden is a worthwhile addition to any home—one that immediately increases the value [...]

  • Wood Arbors by Exterior Accents

    Get ready to have a beautiful garden this summer with an arched cedar wood arbor. Highly durable and weather resistant arbors from Exterior Accents will add the classic feel to your garden which had been missing for long. If you are looking for a fantastic décor that will last for years, and make your garden look [...]

  • White Window Boxes

    A majority of you would definitely agree with the fact that your home exterior is one thing that reflects your style. You try all you can to create an everlasting impression but it is time to try out something convenient and different.  One of the easiest ways to add color to your window is using [...]

  • Want to Build a Unique and Inspiring Rock Garden?

    Find Useful Tips and Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Attractive and Appealing A rock garden is a fantastic way of adding a natural feel to your outdoor space. The combination of rocks and plants is an inexpensive way to enhance the aesthetic quality of your garden.  If you want to capture a mountainous scene everyday, [...]

  • Experience Tuscan Style Garden at its Best

    Your outdoor space is truly an extension of your home and you would like to keep in a way that defines your style and personality. The décor and presentation of your garden highlights your preference and also improves the appearance of your outdoor area. A large number of homeowners now go for Tuscan style gardens [...]

  • Let the Best Climbing Plants Unveil Impressive Standards of Your Garden

    Climbing plants or climbers are versatile plants that can be used in any garden. They can be used to hide the ugly wall and fences without compromising garden space. Many climbers have attractive leaves and flowers so are ideal to cover structures such as arbors and pergolas. If you don’t wish to spend loads of [...]

  • House plants

    Liven Up Your Home with an Indoor Blooming Garden. Get Some Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Your Home with the Best House Plants Adding a splash of color to every corner of your home can be a complicated task if you are unfamiliar with common house plants. With the help of indoor plants, you can make [...]

  • Stylish Garden

    Lush green lawns and a picturesque landscape bestow scenic beauty to any location. No wonder how barren an area looks, the greener it is the better. It’s like a painting which comes to life, often filled with hues of green and echoes freshness all around. Since long, style has lost its synonymic representation with fashion [...]

  • Ecological Gardening: Beautify the World around You

      Everyone wants the world to be beautiful around ourselves. We either try to make it beautiful with all the things we love or we simply try to add to it the beauty of nature where you can find your escape every now and then. Gardening is one of the most relaxing and healthy activities [...]

  • No-Fail Flowering Trees and Shrubs

    Gardens are not just a patch of grass which can be left barren, there are a lot of other things that add to the beauty of the landscape and make the garden appear like scenery. Whether you grow a simple lawn or try to maintain a full-fledged garden, there are certain components which one needs [...]

  • The Value and Benefits of Sod

      Gardens in our backyards look barren without grass. It is the main feature of all the gardens as it breathes life into them. If a lawn has no trees and plants then it may not look barren enough than it would look without grass patches. Grass can take a lot of time to grow [...]

  • How to Grow Garlic Indoors

    Here is an easy way to grow garlic indoors! Enrich your cooking with your own perfect garlic. All you’ll need is a garlic head, a large pot, some potting soil, a watering can and a fork or scissors! Watch the video and learn how step by step.

  • Succulents – The Basics of a Virtually Indestructible Plant

    There are many different plants on earth and each has their own advantages, disadvantages, purposes and abilities. There are primarily two different types of plants; those that are primarily used for decorative purposes and those that are used for a purpose whether it is cooking, medicinal or commercial. Background Succulents are the type of plant [...]

  • Which is the Right Outdoor Furniture for your Garden

    Beautify Your Garden with an Impressive Outdoor Furniture. If you are looking for an impressive addition to your attractive garden, why not use some garden furniture for the job. Not only you will create a warm, welcoming environment in your front space but you can utilize your garden more efficiently. Outdoor furniture these days are [...]

  • Growing Salad Bowls

    Watch this video, make your own salad bowl and enjoy fresh and tender salad every day!

  • Picking Vegetables from Your Own Garden Has Never Been This Easy

      Get To Know the Tips of Growing a Perfect Vegetable Garden in Your Home. The idea of having a vegetable garden at your home sounds so fascinating. Now you can have the tastiest and healthiest vegetables from your garden and need not buy them from a grocery store. This will surely make your meals [...]

  • How to Plant Flowers in a Wheelbarrow

    Decorate your garden by planting flowers in various items, as a wheelbarrow. It’s a cheap way to make your garden differs from others, and your neighbors jealous! Watch this video and learn how!

  • Secrets to Keeping Your Lawn Green and Healthy

    A picture perfect green lawn is what you would like to have in your home. It can be a great location for a barbeque party with friends or a fun spot for your kids to get some fresh air. With increasing threats of global warming, you can too be a part of the green revolution [...]

  • Start Seeds Indoors with a Hot House!

    We are in the middle of winter, but that does not mean that our gardening activities have to freeze too! Watch this great video, and Patti will show you step by step how to start seeds into your own hot house. Start your seeds and prepare for the arrival of Spring!

  • Want to Be a Master Gardener In All Seasons?

    Get Some Easy Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Garden in Excellent Condition. You may be doing gardening for the first time after being inspired from a screenshot featured in your favorite magazine. However, gardening may not be a pleasant first time experience for everyone.  You may engrossed by the effects of changing seasons, long [...]

  • Buid your own Strawberry Tower

    Here is an easy way to grow your own favourite strawberries. Watch this video and learn step by step how to build your own strawberry tower! So build now, and enjoy later!

  • Experience a Magnificent Water Garden

    Let a Water Garden Add Magical Tranquility to Your Home Water gardens have become a popular trend these days. Most homeowners dream to transform their plain looking backyard into a peaceful paradise without much expense and water gardens are just the right plan. If you wish to increase the attractive appeal of your home without [...]

  • Best Types of Herbs for your Garden II

    Here is the second part! Learn some more kinds of herbs.

  • Best Types of Herbs for your Garden

    Herbs have many uses in many areas. They are beneficial to your health and they enrich your cooking. Here are some more tips about how to grow and collect perennial and annual herbs! Watch this video and equip your garden with all kinds of herbs.

  • Start Your Very Own Herb Garden

    Give Your Garden a New Dimension by Growing Herbs Your garden may contain plenty of different elements to give you the desired view and you can include growing herbs as the next option on your list to make your garden even more advantageous. Garden herbs may be sufficient to satisfy your culinary needs and also [...]

  • How to Make a Green House Yourself!

    Here is a cheap and practical way to make your own green house. Protect your delicate plants and enjoy growing plants that need warmer climate without worring about the weather. Watch this video and learn step by step how to bring summer into your garden in the middle of winter!

  • Need to Know ‘Fun and Smart’ Ways of Planning and Maintaining a Garden?

    Use These Simple Tips to Make Your Garden Stunning Without Fuss If you are looking for ways to create an attractive visual appearance for your dream home, it is time to have a well designed garden to grace the landscape. You would definitely like to have a warm, friendly place to relax and there are [...]

  • Gardens and the Impact of Weather Surprises

    Planet Earth and Different Climatic Zones The earth comprises of several climatic zones and each has its own characteristic features. Most zones are further subdivided to help us understand the climatic conditions better. Each particular area may have its own set of conditions including rainfall, wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude from sea level. Gardening [...]

  • How to Create Good Growing Soil

    In order to have healthy and well-grown plants in your garden, it is necessary you create a good growing soil. Both vegetables and flowers need good soil to grow properly. The results will make their presence felt very quickly. So watch this video, learn some useful and easy tips and create yourself a good basis [...]

  • Make Color Combinations In Your Garden Work Your Way

    Choosing Color Schemes for Your Garden Has Never Been So Exhilarating Better Colors for Better Gardens Perfect color can do a lot more than just make your simple garden look pretty. It is also useful as a tool to communicate your style and personal choice. Exotic color combinations help you create an exciting theme within [...]

  • New Varieties

    Every year new varieties of flowers are presented. They can be combined perfectly with the existing plants in your garden and give an air of renewal. Watch this video and add to your garden the latest fashion in gardening!

  • Let Charming Art Inspirations Bring Life to Your Garden

    Learn the Secrets to Liven Up Your Garden Space with a Fascinating Blend of Nature and Art With the coming of exciting seasons such as spring, the idea of having an ‘art’ inspired garden at home is on a roll. Most paintings and architectural creations have long influenced nature based settings. They can recreate the [...]